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by Michael Ferrerya

Since it's beginning, Apple's main goal is to please their customers. Apple realizes the importance of customer satisfaction and customer-friendly devices. With the iPhone Apple took the mobile phone to a new level of entertainment and communication. The iPhone features the functions of a mobile phone with text messaging, a video iPod, and Internet capabilities.

Apple made this device feature some of the most popular services and functions today. Apple also decided to get rid of the annoying key pad, stylus, and tiny keys and instead make the display larger. Apple made the screen a touch screen with virtual key boards and key pads that appear depending on the function you are using. The main issue with most of todays cell phones is the size of the display, as well as the size of the key pad and key board. If you are trying to make a phone call then a key pad will appear and if you are trying to surf online, Email, text message, or write a document then a virtual key board will appear.

Text messaging has become increasingly popular over the past two or three years. If you are one of the millions of text message senders then you will be thrilled with the SMS application with predictive QWERTY soft keyboards which prevents and correct your spelling mistakes.

The iPhone comes Internet ready with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth ready. The operating system on the iPhone also makes it stand out in the crowd. Apple used their MAC OS X operating system, allowing you to view the Internet the way it was supposed to be seen. With the iPhone you are able to enjoy the convenient touch screen while using the Safari web browser, address book, note taking applications, and calendar. This phone is so advanced that it can correct and even prevent spelling errors.

With the iPhone you can also check your voice mail as if they were Emails, basically eliminating being forced to listen to all of your messages when you are only trying to find one specific message.

The iPhone's touch screen is not only easier to use, but it is more advanced and has the ability to tell the difference between a human finger and the side of a human face when talking, or a large surface when in a pocket or bag. With the iPhone you can also zoom in and out of objects on web pages or photos by pinching them and un-pinching them. Pinching is when you draw apart or close together two fingers as if you were stretching or squeezing the image.

The Apple iPhone is set to be released in June of 2007. You will only be able to purchase an iPhone exclusively through AT&T, the new Cingular. You will also be required to sign a two year service agreement. Apple is going to release two different sized versions, 4GB and 8GB. The 4GB will cost you $499 and for double the memory the 8GB will cost you only $100 more at $599. Look online for information regarding iPhone wallpaper.

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