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If you need something for preventing the unscheduled downtime or data loss when there is a sudden loss of power then there is a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) which is an inexpensive way to protect your computer hardware and files from unexpected power loss.Uninterruptible power supply is not enough for this operation. Software, hardware and configuration etc. all together establish a UPS system in order to recover from power fluctuations or unexpected power loss that can damage your system.
But how can you select the right Uninterruptible power supply for your system?

Following are the steps to choose Uninterruptible power supply:

Step 1: If your budget is limited then select a standby or "��off-line"�� UPS that switches to battery power when the power fails.

Step 2: If you require an unlimited backup power then select an "on-line" UPS.

Step 3: If your need lies between the two other types then choose a "line-interactive" UPS.

Step 4: Find out the requirements of the total power needs of equipment in terms of watts and volt-amperes that you will connect to the UPS

Step 5: Select an uninterruptible power supply that exceeds or equals the total power needs of the equipment that you will connect to it

Step 6: Don't forget to compare the following specifications and these are:
1.surge suppression (in joules - more is good)
2.maximum surge current (in amps - more is good)
3.battery recharge time (faster is good)
4.suppression response time (faster is good)
5.number of AC outlets (more is good)

Step 7: Find out the unit under consideration containing a replaceable battery which is user-replaceable.

Step 8: Compare battery operating times.

Step 9: Look for LEDs or alarms that show wiring issues, whether the battery is low and whether the equipment is running on UPS battery.

Step 10: Check for a unit with electromagnetic interference, modem surge protection and radio-frequency interference noise deduction if you require those features

Step 11: If you buy a more expensive unit the you will get it with software that automatically closes applications, saves documents and turns off equipment when power fails.

Step 12: Compare insurance guarantees as well as warranties

Article Source: http://www.eArticlesOnline.com

About the Author:
Riello-ups.co.uk is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Uninterruptible Power Supplies and standby power systems in various ranges. Here you can find the best Uninterruptible Power Supply and power protection systems.

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  2. By augustine on October 7, 2010 at 6:53 AM

    Thanks for sharing. I agree with what you said. Also, what you shared is really helpful. I keep a couple of UPS back home and it's worth it.

    Uninterruptible Power Supply

  3. By Mikaeel on October 12, 2010 at 3:51 PM

    Useful post describing the tips to select an Uninerruptible Power supply. Well UPS system is used to recover the power fluctuations or unexpected power loss which may damage our system. So it is important to choose a right UPS at the time of purchasing. Thanks for sharing such useful information with us.

    Thanks & Regards
    Uninterruptible Power Supplies