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by Joe Keny

Palm device or PDA is more than a simple organizer. Depending on model, a Palm can offer a great variety of functions, from checking email for games and multimedia files. The downside is that storage space is limited and Palm can not handle so many files and applications like a desktop computer. A Palm user therefore must make rational use of limited storage space. Follow these steps to learn to use wisely the storage space on a Palm PDA .

Storage 101

First you want to determine how much free space is available on your PDA. Receive the "Home" screen by clicking the house icon with the stylus. Then tap the clock icon. On the menu that appears, select "Delete. This opens a screen with a counter that indicates the amount of free space on the device screen .

View Delete. Remove the screen displays a list of storage elements and the amount of memory they use. To free memory, select an item from the list and click the "Delete" button. Select the files you do not need or can not do without .

Make use of a file compression utility. If you have recently used programs and files you do not want to delete, can be compressed to a fraction of their original size, so they occupy less storage space when not in use .

Avoid installing programs that do not need . Even if you uninstall later, it still may leave some files on the device .

Wikipedia in third party applications that can optimize and manage storage space. These include programs that remove the bitmap and unnecessary programs that have useless files and databases left over from uninstalling applications .

Buy a memory card. If your Palm can use a memory expansion card, get one. A memory card not only allows you to store more files, but can be used to back up your important data. It is more convenient to backup and restore functions on your Palm with a memory card with a computer.
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