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By Fuizy Martin

Motorola is famous with its "crystal clear talk" technology; whereby customer is privileged with clear and uninterrupted talks even in a noisy environment.

Motorola W181 is a sleek licorice and sterling blue candy bar phone with chrome navigation wheel. It is an entry level mobile phone with the basic functions of phone and entertainment. The price and functions tally with each other's requirements. Company has given a sleek and trendy vibrant look to the handset to provide its customer all the necessary functions operational in style.

As phones are just indispensable parts of comfortable living, so a chic looking down to earth phone plays an important role amongst majority of persons living in the society.

For those who pay an extra attention to its size, Motorola W181 has dimensions of 110x45x15mm and weighs only 80g while carrying. This slender looking W181 provides almost all the tools related to communication and enhances consumer to stay in touch with style.

Motorola W181 is equipped with large color display screen and state of the art keypad enabling its customers to enjoy viewing on the display screen. The consumer feels great even while scrolling through the navigation keys.

One of the best functions installed in this mobile phone is its one key access to SMS. This means user doesn't have to follow a long path to trail messages. Instead messages are made available just by the click of a single key. This entry level advanced handset has a facility of enormous storage space in terms of text storage. Large storage space also contributes to the large contact data storage.

An intuitive user interface enables typing even English predictive text to convey the desired message in combined language of Hindi and English both. This versatile handset also features seven African languages for all menu content.

Motorola W181 Mobile Phone is facilitated by office quality speaker phone to make it less audible for people nearby. Relax in your free time by tuning on to FM Radio to listen to your favorite music, hands free. Enjoy driving with music and make it less tiresome. Set your ring tone with 20 preloaded 32 channel polyphonic ring tones and 15 standard alert ring tones with an additional facility of setting different ringtones for different contacts.

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