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With the economy continuing to decline, focus has been turned to cutting back and conservation. One big area is with the high cost of energy not only for our pocket books, but for the environment as well.

A new study released shows alarming results on the effect of the simple act of leaving your PC on overnight. In the 2009 1E PC Energy Report, the findings and effects on United States businesses and individuals was astounding.

Half of all Americans do not shut down their computers before leaving work each day. US organizations because of not doing this simple act, wastes $2.8 BILLION each year in energy costs.

Not only that, these unused computers that are left up all night and weekend, are expected to emit 20 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions. This is equal to about 4 million cars running.

In real terms, an organization with 1,000 computers wastes about $26,000 annually.

The report words it like this to make it real to us:

"If all of the world's 1 billion PCs were powered down for just one night, it would save enough money to light up New York City's Empire State Building-inside and out-for more than 30 years."

Can you imagine? O.k., I admit I am guilty. We have two computers and a laptop and we leave all three on all night. However, two of them are Apples and put themselves to sleep rather quickly.

The report also stated that it is a good idea to shut your PC down not only for the energy conservation, but it helps extend the life of your computer as well.

Surprisingly, the report found that most Americans think their company should enact some sort of computer usage policies to reduce energy. I think there is always a fear among employers of ruffling feathers of employees in America. It was shocking to me that the employees wouldn't object to being told to turn off their computers.

More than half those surveyed had horrible reasons for leaving the computers on. Some of those reasons were that it takes to long, or they forget, or the IT policy was to leave it on.

It is my hope that this report sheds some light on some of these excuses and American businesses rethinks their current methods. Energy prices are predicted to continue to rise, it might be a good time to step in and enact this simple policy.

To read the report, visit http://www.1e.com/energycampaign/index.aspx

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  2. By Onsite Support on April 13, 2009 at 5:16 PM

    I agree that energy consumptions are too high with the usage of computers but the people are so busy and work-minded that they have to use computers for all purposes
    Desktop Support

  3. By My on April 13, 2009 at 5:20 PM

    Energy consumptions are the important part of everyone's life
    saving this would save on lot of other things
    Legal Investigation