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By John Kessler

Netbooks users use their netbooks primarily for basic computing functions like internet surfing, files downloading, and typing and other office functions (spreadsheet, presentation, etc.). But did you know that you can organize your life with your netbook?

If you are using a Windows XP netbook, you should know that the sized-down XP for netbooks comes handily with a Microsoft Works Task Launcher, which allows you to schedule appointments, plan events and track projects. The task launcher is something that you cannot find in Windows XP for desktops and laptops.

To use Microsoft Works, simply click on the Start menu, go to programs and then click on the program.

Calendar, Forms And Then Some

When you get right down to it, Microsoft Works is really nothing more than a planning suite composed of the following:

* date planner
* templates for different kinds of letters
* ready designs for brochures, cards and databases (like recipes)
* tracking sheets
* journal forms
* travel planning tools
* address finder
* map directions
* car rental finder, and
* room reservations

You can use many of these features without an internet connection, except for the address finder, map directions, car rental finder, and room reservations features. Having all those planning tools accessible under one program may seem heady at first, but Microsoft Works is indeed useful for any busy body.

All About Getting Organized

While netbooks may never be as portable as PDA's, having all those forms and sheets in ready form does make life a lot easier. Now you don't have to create a form, design a greeting card, or write a cover letter, from scratch.

Microsoft Works in netbooks is especially useful for people who like to initiate new projects, love to travel or organize travel groups, or simply like to plan their life. The best things about is that Microsoft Works interfaces with MS Office programs like Word and Excel, so it really IS very easy to use.

This planning tool is one of the many reasons why you should buy a netbook. But, of course, it is not all there is to netbooks. Small, portable and relatively cheap, netbooks are perfect tools for consumers with basic computer needs.

Netbooks And Your Life

From ASUS, netbook manufacturers now include Acer, Lenovo, MSI, Hewlett-Packard, and MSI. Most netbooks operate on Windows XP and different versions of Linux. Still, a few models with hybrid hard drives are using Windows Vista.

Hybrid drives combine the best of Solid State Drives (SSD) and Hard Disk Drives (HDD) in one compact form.

In choosing a netbook, one of the primary considerations is your lifestyle, that is, do you need a lot of storage space? Depending on the kind of hard drive, most netbooks pale against desktops and regular laptops in terms of storage space. SSD netbooks are notorious for having low storage capacities, unlike HDD netbooks that can stores up to 160GB of information. However, SSD netbooks tend to be shock-proof, that is, information is still readable even after an impact, unlike HDD netbooks.

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