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By Rae Edwards

I believe that few would argue that the iPhone technology is pretty sweet and innovative. The finger touch interface and all of the features stuffed into one phone are pretty hard to resist. But, some people have a few sticking points that keep them from committing to this phone. The first is the contract requirement, which can be pretty pricey. And the second is texting and messaging on the flat touch screen. Some people don't have an issue with this at all and love using the flat screen for every purpose. But, some old school consumers really want actual plastic keys for speed and feel. The Chinese Ming Xing A008 offers the best of both of these worlds. I will discuss some of the highlights of this phone in this article.

A Large Screen And A Real Keyboard And Scroll Bar: Many of the texting clones have stingy little screens to keep the size of the phone reasonable. But, this one manages a 3.0 inch touch screen with a pretty generous keyboard and scroll bar. This is a regular sized phone, but it isn't huge or too wide. It measures 118 x 57 x 15 mm and weighs about 140 grams. The size is large enough to see a nice, clear picture on the screen and to comfortably text with even large hands, but it's not so large that this phone looks like a relic.

All Four Bands And Two Sim Slots: The A008 is a quad band which means that it works world wide with just about any carrier that is GSM and uses a sim card. Speaking of the cards, this phone has room for two of them. You just insert them into the phone and off you go. This allows you to have two separate numbers or two different plans. A popular option is to find a low carrier talk / text plan and to use another "to go" pre paid sim for web browsing when you need or want it. However, if you have no need for this, inserting only one card and that will work too.

Everything Else: There is very little that this phone doesn't have. It has MMS, SMS, WAP, and GPRS capabilities. It has an MP3 / MP4 player as well as a web browser, radio, camera and web cam, e book reader, and Bluetooth.

It's Cheap: The price on this phone is low, even in the world of clones. Most times, you'll pay under $100 for it. Perhaps the reason for this is that it's not your typical iPhone copy. It doesn't look like the iPhone, but not everyone wants this anyway, and it does contain all of the popular features. In my opinion it's a very nice little phone that's very inexpensive considering what you are getting.

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