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by Lee Stewart

The phrase "custom built pc" is usually assumed to mean "expensive pc." While for other products the term "custom built" may mean expensive for personal computers the opposite is usually the truth.

When purchasing a brand name computer you typically only have a few options, which means you have to pay for the features and components some corporate executive thinks you need. That can add up, especially since those corporate executives have a vested interest in selling you the more expensive of their features and components.

On top of that, you also pay for the brand. A computer emblazoned with "Sony" or "Dell" is going to cost more than the same exact computer that carries no brand label. It used to be that buying a brand name was worth the extra cost for the guaranteed quality. But nowadays there are a lot of totally competent and even outstanding computer makers that operate under their own label or no label at all.

There is no difference between buying a standard factory line PC from Dell and buying a custom built PC from an independent online computer builder, provided you do a bit of research and make sure you are buying from a reputable and trustworthy online computer builder.

Consider that many big computer makers get most of the individual components to build their branded computers from independent suppliers. An independent online computer builder can get the same components from the same suppliers and build the same computer, and then charge less for it.

And this doesn't go only for cheap desktops (which via an independent custom built pc supplier can be REALLY cheap). Cheap laptops can also be had by going the custom built pc route.

In recent years a number of small independent online computer builders have actually done such a good job of custom building laptops that they have today become successful large businesses and now produce factory line models themselves.

As quality goes, you need not lose anything by going with an independent online computer builder over a large brand. Large brands generally try to avoid cheating their customers in terms of quality, as doing so would sully their brand and kill their ability to make sales. But independent online computer builders also assume their customers will come back to them time and time again, so naturally they are keen to give their customers the best products at the best prices too.

So just as with anything else you plan to purchase online (even brand name products) doing a bit of research into who is the most reliable provider of a custom built PC in your area is a prudent first step. The small amount of time you will need to invest into doing so will see a more than adequate return in the hundreds of pounds you could save on your new computer. Why not try searching for the term 'custom built pc' on Google for example, doing so will return a wealth of interesting results for you to pick your way through.

About the Author

Lee Stewart is the owner of Custo Comp an independent online computer builder selling cheap gaming pcs and the very best equipment in the custom built pc market, Custo comp also sell cheap laptops and cheap desktop pcs.

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