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By Nick Pegley

Have you heard about the great features in Mac OS X 10.5? Us either. Now that we think about it, we haven't heard a thing about Apple's latest "Leopard" operating system since the August 2006 World Wide Developers' Conference. Here we'll focus on some of the best features Leopard has to offer.

Spotlight - finds what you're searching for on other Mac computers, including servers working with Mac OS X Leopard Server. For file sharing, just set up network of remote Macs - Spotlight includes the results from the other machines in your search results. That equals one-stop searching with any Leopard computer which has access to the network.

Spotlight provides richer syntax in Leopard, to enable searches for specific sets. New Boolean logic lets you refine search results by entering 'or,' 'and' and 'not' in a search request. You're also able to search using file attributes such as type, keyword, and author.

Desktop Capabilities:

Spaces - Organize your desktop and applications. Even when using Expose to organize things, it can get pretty busy. Spaces lets you split the applications which are running into multiple desktops, with a Web space for for browsers and HTML authoring applications, and a creative area for iWork and iLife. You can name your own areas using this system.

Dashboard - The Web clip is possibly one of the best things about Mac OS X 10.5. Web clips let you to take a part of a webpage and transform it into a widget without the need for coding. The demo illustrates the simplicity of this feature quite well.

Time Machine - Although Apple has Backup already, it has continued on to better with the introduction of Time Machine. At first, Backup does a complete backup of your system to a network sharepoint or external drive. Then, it backs up files which have changed on a periodic basis. By zooming your window back through time, you can retrieve past versions or recently-deleted files.

Server Capabilities:

The sixth release of Apple's Mac OS X Server is Mac OS X Server 10.5 - the first release in several years. Leopard server delivers a on some anticipated features as well as some more unexpected ones:

Teams Directory - This is the built-in Wiki Server which takes the previous blog-server another step.

Spotlight Server - The super-fast content and metadata search engine allows for quick searches through all your business' shared-storage gigabytes. Just consider the the possibilities to create a shared asset server.

iCal Server - This conglomeration of existing standards allows calendering, Open Directory integration, and free-busy checking. It's based on the CalDAV.

There have been rumors that NSA is in the process of revising the security paper on Mac OS X 10.3 in order to accommodate Mac OS X 10.5.

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