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By Wes Fernley

IP camera enclosures help keep your IP camera safe from the elements of weather and vandals who would destroy the camera at any given chance. This article will discuss what to look for when purchasing an IP camera enclosure.

Enclosure Mounting

IP camera enclosures come with various mounting types. These include pole mounts, wall mounts, ceiling mounts and corner mounts. These different types of mounts allow you to install the enclosure in various environments easily and effectively. Some enclosures are sold with mounts, though some are sold separately. This allows you to use the same enclosure in various different applications by purchasing the necessary mountings for each enclosure installation.

Indoor/Outdoor Enclosures

Sometimes a heavy duty enclosure is not required. For some indoor camera installations, a basic plastic enclosure will do just fine. These types of enclosures are more affordable, but offer minimal protection for the IP camera protecting it from minor damage. If the enclosure will be installed outdoors, there are several other aspects that need to be considered. The following are some concerns when installing an outdoor IP camera enclosure.

Environmental Concerns

One main use of outdoor IP camera enclosures is to protect your IP camera from weather that would destroy the camera if unprotected against the elements of rain, snow, heat and cold. When looking for an outdoor IP camera enclosure, examine what type of weather conditions the enclosure and camera will have to withstand. If the enclosure will be in an open area which would allow rain to fall on the top of the enclosure, be sure to purchase an enclosure that is properly sealed to avoid moisture penetrating inside. You will want to make sure the enclosure offers proper airflow for the camera. A completely sealed enclosure with no airflow could potentially overheat your camera.

Heater and blowers are also common components of enclosures. These allow the temperature and airflow of the enclosure to stay within a suitable range for the IP camera. These are ideal for winter and humid summers. Be sure to find out the temperature range of the heater and blower to make sure it meets the required temperature range of the IP camera itself.


Some enclosures can be a pain to install. It is wise to read over the installation directions before purchasing the enclosure if possible. Some manufacturers offer downloadable manuals or guides for the enclosure installation. From these you will be able to tell how difficult the enclosure installation will be and it will give you a chance to purchase any additional equipment required for installing the enclosure.

Power requirements will also need to be considered as each enclosure requires different power voltages depending on the features including heaters, blowers, built-in camera power supplies, etc.. You will need to make sure what type of power the IP camera also requires and have separate power running to the camera if needed.

Supported IP Cameras

Not all IP cameras are supported by each enclosure. You will need to make sure your camera is fully supported by the enclosure or the IP camera may not mount correctly inside the enclosure. Some mounts are generic however it still is possible that the IP camera is too large for the enclosure causing the enclosure to not seal correctly.

The majority of enclosure manufacturers offer a Supported IP Camera list that you can check to make sure your IP camera is supported. Be sure to check that no additional mounts are required for the camera to be installed in the enclosure.

Some IP camera manufacturers also offer enclosures for their cameras which have been tested to ensure the camera works correctly in the enclosure.

Vandal and Tamper Resistance

Many enclosures offer vandal resistance and tamper proof screws. These enclosures are designed to provide protection when an intruder may attempt to damage the camera in an effort to prevent video from being recorded . If the IP camera enclosure will be within reaching distance, it would be wise to purchase a vandal proof enclosure that will protect the camera damage. Some enclosure manufacturers also provide results from tests done on the enclosure ranging from baseball bat attacks to .22 calibre bullets.

We hope this article gives you some pointers on what to look for when purchasing an IP camera enclosure.

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