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By: Carlson Osbourne

These days, mobile phone users want it all - music, photos, 3G capability and sheer unadulterated style as well. There is nothing wrong with wanting it all, and if you do then you might be interested in this little gem. The Samsung F480 Tocco is one of Samsung's newest offerings. It is sleek, stylish and undoubtedly fashionable, so much so that one reviewer referred to it as "Samsung Armani". It certainly looks the part, but does it walk the walk as well?

Style And Navigation

The Samsung F480 Tocco is one of the phones that make you believe in love at first sight. The black and metallic casing is undoubtedly incredibly sexy, especially considering you can alternate between the original casing and a leather look one that is included in the package. Either way, it is incredibly smooth and sophisticated, especially if you consider the fact that this compact little number is a touch screen phone. The screen is 2.9"and of an incredibly high resolution. This justifies its domination of the handset alone. In terms of the overall outer design of the phone, it is simply flawless.

However, if you have never used a touch screen phone before then it can take come getting used to though so prepare to spend some time learning to get along with it. The interface is not the user-friendliest of navigation systems but it is easier to navigate than the iPhone. Again, it just takes a little time to get use to if you are a little technologically challenged but it does not pose a major problem.

The Feature List

The feature list of the Samsung F480 Tocco is pretty impressive. For starters, there is a 5MP camera that is packed full of little extras. There is face recognition, anti-shake and LED flash so you can take the best possible pictures at any time of day or night. Its only downfall is that direct sunlight will ruin your images because it cannot seem to cope with it. All Samsung camera phones are the same though so it is an issue o the make rather than just of the model.

There is a fantastic music player on board as well. It features a bluetooth A2DP profile, an MP3 player and an FM Radio. The Samsung F480 Tocco actually sounds extremely good and has a music recognition feature that will enhance your experience. The 232MB memory is more than sufficient to hold a good number of tunes on it, but can be boosted by a MicroSD memory card if need be.

The connectively of the Samsung F480 Tocco is good, with GPRS, EDGE, USB, bluetooth and 3G capability, but Wi-Fi is conspicuous by its absence. However, with a feature list as extensive as it is, you cannot fault the phone itself. If you want it all, well almost all, then the Samsung F480 Tocco is for you. It has all of the latest features that come as standard and does them well, better in fact than some of the similar phones out there on the market.

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