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By Kent Lee

Lenovo fans who are shopping for a well-designed, yet innovative laptop need look no further than the IdeaPad Y510. Equipped with updated styling and superb audio, graphics, and multimedia options, this IdeaPad model is a dream come true. Here are just a few of the great features that make the IdeaPad Y510 worth buying:

  1. Updated Housing Case In the past, users were dissatisfied with the way the keyboard and case always looked smudged with fingerprints. By changing the housing case to one with a rougher woven feel the problems with the fingerprints was easily solved. This new design also updated the classic style in a way that paid homage to the original.
  2. Superb Graphics What the laptop lacks in lightness, it makes up for with it's superb Intel X3100 graphics. The lack of this feature had been a problem in the past.
  3. Monster Hard Drive The included 250GB hard drive is a monster and is capable of handling the computing needs of most users. If you enjoy downloading memory hogging songs and movies, you will probably never need an extra, external hard drive!
  4. Brilliant Display The Lenovo IdeaPad Y510 has a display screen with a glossy finish that provides brilliant color. The 1280x800 pixel screen provides a nice, large view.
  5. Desktop Quality Keyboard The IdeaPad Y510 keyboard provides a wonderful, high-quality feel and an excellent touch. Missing is the horrible bounce that you find with so many other laptop brands. This provides the user with a near desktop-quality keyboard. The individual keys, themselves, have a good size and a solid, cushioned feel.
  6. Great Power Management System The 'novo' switch is another neat feature. The power management system can shift your power options between high, medium, and low with one push of a button! This really creates power savings for the battery life.
  7. Superior Sound System Included with the Y510 is a premium Dolby Home Theater audio system. The superior sound plus the 5 speakers and included subwoofer provides a theater-like sound that is absolutely amazing! It is worth driving to the nearest electronic store just to hear the quality of sound that is produced by these speakers!
A couple of the weak areas of the IdeaPad Y510 include:
  1. Increased Weight

    Users will immediately notice the increased weight. The new Lenovo IdeaPad Y510 weighs in at almost 7 pounds yet is still conveniently portable.

  2. No HDMI Hookup

    You will not find an HDMI hookup so you cannot connect the IdeaPad Y510 with any HDTV.

  3. Inability To Play High Level Games

    Even with the increased graphics, only lower level games can be played. Lenovo is promising to resolve this problem in the near future, however.

  4. Poor Viewing Quality At Vertical Angle

    The viewing quality is reduced outside of the horizontal and straight view angles. If you try to view it vertically you do not have a very good picture but how many times do you really need to do this anyway?

Laptop shoppers looking for a laptop that is well-built with a reasonably priced, a sizable hard drive, wonderful multimedia features at a great price won't be disappointed with the Lenovo IdeaPad Y510.

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