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Nowadays, it is really easy to get in touch with the outside world no matter which part of the world it is that you are in.

With the help of Personal Digital Assistants or PDA's, mobile phones, laptop computers, multimedia players and other nifty devices, you can do your office work from almost anywhere.

This is the reason why devices which are a combination of a PDA and a mobile phone have become popular. Whether you are looking for a device which provides you with a range of business or entertainment applications, the PDA-phone devices should be perfectly suitable for you.

An Overview of the HTC Touch Diamond

HTC stands for High Tech Computer Corporation, and it is a manufacturer of portable devices based in Taiwan. The portable devices that they develop have the Microsoft Windows Mobile platform.

The HTC Touch Diamond was first released in the market June of 2008. The device is considered to be a PDA-mobile phone combination.

First up, here are the specifications of the device. The HTC Touch Diamond has:

- 2.8 inch LCD touchscreen

- 480x640 65-K color VGA TFT display

- 3.2-Megapixel CMOS color built-in camera

- 4 GB internal storage

- 192 MB RAM

- 256 MB internal flash

- 396 hours on standby

- 5.5 hours talk time

HTC Touch Diamond Review

The HTC Diamond runs using the Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional operating system. First, here is a quick look at the design of the PDA-mobile phone. The good thing about the HTC Touch Diamond is that it does not follow the trend of overly-wide PDA's.

The dimensions of the PDA-mobile phone are 4x4x0.45 inch, weighing 110 g rams. The device is handy enough. The back cover has a unique 'undulating prism' design.

The front part of the HTC Touch Diamond is made up mainly of the VGA display. Directly below it is the control buttons - which are both depressible and touch-sensitive. There is also a directional pad which doubles as a scroll wheel. All in all, the overall design of the HTC Touch Diamond can be described as "no space wasted".

An Analysis of the Features of the HTC Touch Diamond

The really great features of the HTC Touch Diamond include the following:

- YouTube application

- Opera browser

- TouchFLO 3D interface

The last item, which is the TouchFLO 3D interface, is what makes the HTC Touch Diamond a truly innovative device. You can also quickly scan the menus, and move from one option to another.

For those who are using the HTC Touch Diamond as a business device, there are nifty features like page reorientation from a browser.

You can also view web-based e-mail programs like Gmail as you would from your desktop. YouTube lovers would have a lot to praise about the HTC Touch Diamond.

The performance of the battery is average. You should not forget that the HTC Touch Diamond is also a phone. The voice quality when making calls or using the speaker phone is good. You can also use video calling and hands-free calling.

Lastly, there is a 3.2-Megapixel camera on the back of the PDA-phone which has autofocus. It does not have LED for taking pictures in the dark, though.

For the most part, the HTC Touch Diamond will work smoothly. Just watch out for the batter life and its tendency to slow down due to the TouchFLO 3D interface. Other than that, the HTC Touch Diamond is a good enough device - whether it is for business or entertainment applications.

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