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By Manjula Dinesh

People often are used to upgrade their office and home PCs. A few people upgrade their PCs by exchanging the old one for the new one. A few people prefer just upgrading the outdated parts. One good example is the monitor.

The two different monitor technologies are CRTs and the LCDs. CRTs use the cathode ray tubes and are so hazardous to the human health. They cause headaches due to a high refresh rate. These operate at very high voltages and can persist long even after the power is turned off. It consumes more electricity than an LCD screen.

It even emits a small amount of X-rays which can cause severe side effects when exposed continuously. The only advantage the CRT has over the LCD is the resolution and the price.

But if you can buy a refurbished LCD, It can beat the cost of a CRT monitor. The LCDs consume less electricity and are less hazardous to our eyes and do not emit X-rays. The image is very sharp, thanks to the liquid crystal display technology.

LCD monitors contains two sheets of polarizing element filled with liquid crystal solution in between. When current is passed through the liquid solution, it causes the crystals to align so that light can't pass between them. Each crystal acts as shutter letting light to pass through them and blocking the light.

When human health is given the priority LCDs have the upper end and when price and the resolution is given importance the CRTs emerge as the victors. Its all up to you to pick the one you need.

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