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Electronics are vital to our lives. Just think about the machines you use every single day. It all comes down to tiny wiring and circuit boards that help make our lives easier. Besides being an electronic, they actually have more in common than you realize.

Take for example your computer's memory. Notebook memory is the same, or similar, to the memory used in MP3 players, cell phones and televisions. It is a vital component in all types of machines.

Notebook and computer desktop memory work on a storage tier. When you first turn on your pc it must access the Read-Only Memory (ROM) which has been stored in the permanent storage. The next application to load is the Basic Input/Output System (BIOS). The final step is opening up the Operating System (OS).

Without going into confusing details on why it draws from one storage and not another or why one is a read-only and yet you save to a different storage, you should know that generic storage works the same in a variety of other equipment. The process is very similar to the one your desktop computers use.

Electronics that utilize memory do so because it causes them to be able to recall information faster and it increases their speed and speed of use. Your car remembers your settings and stereo preferences.

Your cell phone and PDA uses memory to be able to send email, surf the internet or create a calendar to remember your important information. They may not have the speed or capabilities of desktop computers, but they still utilize some of the same technology.

Even televisions now need storage in order to operate correctly. Many satellite and cable providers are now offering digital recording and the ability to pause live television.

Both of these functions require storage, though one is put into long term memory and the other is put into short term memory for fast access. Just remember that the quicker the electronic device can access it, the faster the device will be.

Electronics have moved into another generation of use. Televisions can be hooked up to your computer and vice versa to give the user a bigger picture and surfing capabilities. It also knows to record shows if you have the DVR (Digital Video Recording) unit. This is just one of the many gadgets we use on a daily basis to help our lives run a little bit smoother.

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