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With the outburst of MDA Vario, the world of mobile phone was enriched with advanced technology and splendid design. The handset is a 3G smart phone that provides users with multimedia features and mobile window office. The Vario is a new business-focused gadget that deals with multiple mobile office functions and multimedia features.

By combining the functionality of a handset and a laptop together, MDA Vario supports advanced gadgetry to the series of mobile phones. No doubt, the latest inventions in the technology of mobile phone have made the users at ease and comfort. Besides that, the distinctive features that make MDA Vario stand alone in the market is its access to Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket Phone edition, 3G connectivity and mobile e-mail services. With this handset, one can access his official work, even on the move. As a matter of fact, advanced 5.0 Pocket Phone edition allows the users to work on Word Mobile, Excel Mobile, PowerPoint Mobile and Outlook easily.

With a splendid design of the phone, keypad is enriched with neat ergonomic QWERTY base keyboard and user-friendly interface that makes the phone easy to use. The stylish QWERTY base keyboard slides out from the left side of the intuitive casing.

The 3G enabled phone supports high-speed internet downloads through its high-end connectivity features like HSDPA, EDGE and GPRS. This allows users to access e-mails or download music and images in a fraction of few seconds. Onto the high-profile phone, one can enjoy listening to music, clicking photographs, recording videos, browsing the web, instant messaging, seamless connectivity and smart dialling.

To change the mood, windows media player allows users to play music in different music files and formats. With the 2 megapixel camera, users can capture the beauty of nature and joyful moments.

To brief about the MDA Vario, it can be said that it is well known as a dedicated business mobile phone and a feature packed consumer phone.

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