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Orange has been providing one of the most extensive business phone lines there is in the market. Thus, it's no wonder that you can surely find one that suits your budget as well as your preferences. Here are some examples of well-loved Orange business mobiles that you can obtain:

SPV E650

This is a very compact business phone, which means it's very lightweight and loaded with all helpful features. First of all, it's a quad-band phone, allowing you to call and even send messages to your clients and employees even if you're thousands of miles away from you office like when you're traveling abroad. It's also referred to as a smartphone simply because it's loaded with every business tool that you can possibly imagine.

Orange business mobile deals with SPV E650 can guarantee you with fast Internet connection on the go. Moreover, it's highly compatible with Windows Mobile 6, which permits you do basic Microsoft functions such as Excel and Word while you browse in the Internet with Windows Explorer. It's also equipped with a 2-megapixel camera that could come in handy for your work as well as inject pleasure to your day.

All Orange business mobile deal carries with it an Orange Care. This acts like an insurance plan in the sense that you can make use of it to cover the costs of the phone just in case it gets lost, damaged, or stolen. Another interesting add-on to your cheap company mobile phone tariff is conference calling, which basically allows you to talk as many persons as you can in one time. This is extremely useful when you need to call for an emergency meeting, and yet majority of you cannot proceed to the office.

Nokia 2610

Nokia 2610 is a Nokia business mobile that's very concerned with making sure that you can easily and constantly be connected. That's why it can offer you as long as 4 hours of talk time as well as a standby time as long as 8 days. Moreover, the 2610 can support both Internet browsing and e-mail messaging. You can setup all your e-mail platforms, including Yahoo, Hotmail, and AOL, into your phone so you can check your inbox anytime and anywhere you want to. You can also work with certain attachments, which, in turn, you can attach and send to all your customers and employees. Indeed, there is no time lost with Nokia 2610. The calendar provides you with the monitoring you need every day while you can expand your contacts easily. You can save as many as 300 contacts in your phone book.

Get the Help of a Mobile Trainer

Are you unsure of what Orange mobile business deal to take? Perhaps the fantastic features of business mobile phones of Orange are causing you some confusion. Fortunately, you can always ask the help and support of Orange online phone trainer. This means that you have a virtual assistant who can help you choose the best phone and, of course, plan for your business needs.

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