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by John Snyder

Unfortunately, if you want to uninstall Norton Internet security and it's an older version chances are its not going to be removed from your add and remove programs. Your computer might uninstall part of it, but not all of it. The reason for this is due to the integration the Norton product actually makes upon the first installation with your operating system. The program will not take system files off usually, so that’s why there are files left pertaining to the application.

In most cases the user is all but forced to simply update or upgrade the application and continue using it, or leave it on their hard drive but disable the program. All this does unfortunately is take up space and is nothing more than annoying. So many people have left posts on the Internet asking for information about completely uninstalling the program but usually don’t get the best responses. If it's done, there are usually certain problems that arise after the fact. This can cause frustration and for most people it can totally mess up their computer to the point that it won’t operate in the right way.

The bottom line to this problem is as stated above. By leaving the program or application installed on your computer and disabling it is the best option. That is, if it came with your operating system and you know its safe and not corrupted from being downloaded from an unknown site.

Although it will take up disk space your computer should run effectively and without much of a problem being encountered. It is because of the integration system used by the type of application that causes it to take out some important system files if you are successful in getting it off of the add and remove programs portion of your computer. I know it will sound crazy but the firewalls play an important problem with why the application causes so many problems even when the firewall is disabled as well. In other words the actual program is not going to stop for many reasons. Because of the fact that it has integrated with your system files and probably has the real time feature which allows it to automatically do file scans and unfortunately hinders you if you don’t like the way it works.

For the most part the Norton Internet Security application is sophisticated in the sense that you can’t seem to get it off of your computer. In fact newer computers often times come with this exact trial version installed already, and it in itself is impossible to delete and uninstall. So imagine the headache if it's not just a trial version.

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