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By:James Barry

People confuse computer renting with leasing. Renting is short term in nature and is very flexible. You can extend the rental or cancel at any time. Leasing, like buying, can't be canceled without a 'severe penalty' once you have committed. Leasing is a fixed arrangement. Renting is totally flexible.

If you plan to use a particular computer for just a few days or weeks, computer rental is definitely the right choice. However, there are other reasons to rent.

• Many individuals find that computer rental is a low cost option to purchasing and owning a computer.

• The value of renting depends on the need you have right now versus the need you will have in the future. If it's a short-term need, rent.

• You may need many computers for a very short time. Computer rental companies can set up an entire classroom of computers and let you focus on your training program.

• Renting gives you the advantage of having various related products and services tailored to your very specific needs.

• You can get the exact computer you need as well as any back-up services you may need.

• If you are traveling, you don't have to lug your expensive and awkward computer with you. Your computer rental company can have any technology preconfigured and tested, waiting for you at your at destination.

• Temporary employees need temporary technology. Many computer rental companies will coordinate the installation and removal of computers, printers and other technology for any period of time specified.

Regardless of your need, it makes good sense to shop around for the right deal. Computer rental services can be found through the Internet as well as in most urban areas.

A Quick Guide to Renting Computer Displays

Most meetings today involve a computer at some point. These are the questions you need to have answered in advance if you will be renting computer equipment.

What kind of computer will you be using?
What is the computer's resolution?
Will you be showing a video?
Will you be using transparencies?
Will you be using slides?
How big is the room you'll be using?
How many people will be attending the meeting?
Is darkening the room possible?

If you're using a laptop, make sure you know how to activate its monitor output. Newer laptops can be programmed in the Windows® setup to have the monitor output activated at all times. Others might have a command such as Function-F5 to activate the monitor output. Be sure to try this before your meeting begins.

The last thing you need is to start your meeting without testing your equipment. How many times have you been frustrated when you had to sit through a 30 minute IT explanation from one of your co-workers who didn't do their homework.

Always be prepared, especially if you are renting equipment. You need to familiarize yourself to your new tools so your presentation or meeting will run smoothly. Don't assume that everything is working properly or you might be embarrassed.

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For more information on computer rentals contact Vernon Computer Source.

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