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The computers in general are known to everybody, so rather than sticking to the other known factors or parts of the computer let us today put our efforts on something unknown parts of the computer. A discussion and introduction to the memory controller will help you further more to proceed on the computers. So let us today discuss what the memory controllers are.

The task that the memory controllers perform in a computer is of immense importance. These are a kind a chip that is placed on the motherboard or in the CPU. The function of these memory controllers is to manage the data flow which comes in and goes out from the memory. Also these are very good for increasing the potentiality and performance of the system, stores the memory very well and safely by designing to carry newer technologies in memory.

The placement of the memory controller in the computers varies based on the model of the computer. Some PCs are designed to place it in the north bridge of the motherboard while some others have it on the CPU die. Those systems, which are designed to carry the memory controller in the mother board posses a different kind of physical socket and also the RAM used in these motherboard are of new designs

The main purposes of using the memory controller in the computer are to read and write the changes in the RAM and also to refresh it. This is done by the controller by sending current. Without entering much to the technical terms, it can in fact be said that the memory controller is really essential for running and securing the RAM successfully.

The memory controllers are of different types which can be named as the Double Data Rate, the Fully Buffered and the Dual Channel. The functions of these memory controllers are more or less different from each other. For instance, the Double Data Rate memory controllers are used to transfer the data depending on the rising and falling rate of the memory clock. Whereas in the Dual- channel memory, two memory controllers are used parallel to each other. This allows the PC to build up more channels, but in spite of it there is one difficulty that because of the heap of wires used, these can not be counted. This problem leads to complexity in adding new channels.

The Fully buffered memory controllers on the other hand are different from the other memory controllers. Here a serial data link is used to connect the motherboard and not like the earlier patterns of RAM. An advantage of this type of Fully buffered memory controller is that it decreases the number of wires used in the motherboard and makes use of this expense in the time consumed for this procedure.

Thus we can see that the memory controllers are very essential computer parts and are of several types used for several purposes. The prices of these memory cards ranges from very low to very high which depends on the type and functions provided by thes


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