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If you are a supporter of the fanatical notebooks Sony this guide will definitely be some benefits (unless you are sure about Sony so you know all those on mobile phones). More specifically, the purpose of this article is to provide an overview of the various models of VAIO, we hope it also helps you when buying a notebook, the best to you, your needs and your pocket.

First, a few things about the involvement of Sony in the mobile world. Sony is recognized worldwide as one of the best manufacturers in the World. Regarding the World notebooks, but Sony can be used as a "newcomer" it is a fact that today, they are one of the dominant players in this game, the VAIO notebook series, Sony has established itself as a great success since the beginning of his lunch and Sonly quickly won a big piece of the pie for sale. VAIO notebooks are special, individual devices for a specific trait. No time to lose, we have a look at the categories A and B from A-Series VAIO, we find the notebooks with Centrino processor, and wireless. These notebooks are usually not the ones you want to move a lot. You have a lot of weight, and they are large enough. Serie A are for most laptops are designed for a desktop replacement, but of course, you can also move, if you like. The performance is in the Serie A is so high, and replacement for most desktop computer, you can still enjoy Multimedia with a 17 "screen on them. If you know that you do not have much stuff with a laptop, this is a your best choice.

For the VAIO B Series Browse someone could say that the 'B' stands for the company, which is undoubtedly true. These small devices 14 "notebooks is your best colleague to travel, so they are very portable and they are much less than notebooks, which you have not used. B Series Browse have a + 100 GB HDD and in the life of the battery may take up to 4 hours! Obviously wireless is a must for every laptop and the cell phone is equipped with an Intel Centrino processor, the whole thing even easier for you. If you 'Do not really believe in larger screens and brutal process performance and Series B is the best choice for your work done effectively.

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