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Most of us are tired of cell phones with horrible voice quality. Despite the fact that there may be network issues, there are some occasions when it is solely the fault of the cell phone. Well, the Motorola Q9h may be just the phone to save you from your cellular hell. It has an excellent voice performance, a user friendly keyboard, and an above average internet browser. You will have no problem keeping in touch with anyone you consider to be important. Using email, the internet, or just calling them will not be an issue with this miraculous cell phone. Stop settling for devices that cause you to pull your hair out or constantly lose your voice because of regular screaming.

The Motorola Q9h has a stylishly sleek design with silver and black accents. The 2.4 inch display will show your images brightly and clearly. The built in ambient light sensor will intelligently adjust the brightness depending on your lighting situation. You will be able to easily read your phone display outdoors or indoors. This device also features a splendid keyboard with raised keys that can be easily gripped when typing out a text message or email. Instead of having to press the same keys twice to insert a letter, you will be able to quickly punch away without hesitation.

The call quality on the Motorola Q9h sound full and rich while using AT&T's 3G network. Your callers will not constantly ask you to repeat yourself because they could not understand your words. Voices sound extremely clear while using this device. Adjusting the volume will not cause your voice to sound distorted or warped. You can do so with ease and not lose any sort of quality. Although the Motorola Q9h does not include a background noise reducer, it will still project your voice loud and clear enough for others to understand your every word.

Using the Motorola Q9h as a music player will not disappoint you either. The powerful speakers and its syncing capability with Windows Media Player make it ideal for moments of relaxation. You will be able to play your favorite videos in full screen mode without a hiccup or stutter. It is sharp enough to handle the media files you throw at it. Taking this device on the road will make you feel like a mobile warrior because it can do so many useful things. The applications that come built in to the device are not jumpy and will respond quickly once you select them.

The Motorola Q9h is an exceptional cell phone that will place a smile on your face when you start using it. With its built in GPS, user friendly interface, media playing capability, and other features, you will not regret purchasing it. It is light enough to slip in your pocket and hit the road or just sit back and listen to your favorite jams. The wonderful voice quality makes it the perfect solution for anyone tired of horrible cell phones with bad quality.


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