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by: Stephany Springer

Google did not announce the release of a GPhone today, but instead announced something unprecedented in the United States ever before. Google announced the creation of Android, the first open and comprehensive platform for mobile devices. Google Inc., T-Mobile, HTC, Qualcomm, Motorola and others have collaborated on the development of Android through the Open Handset Alliance, a multinational alliance of technology and mobile industry leaders.

So what does that mean for the future of cell phones?

Starting mid-way through 2008. Americans will be able to use cell phones like never before. They only thought the Apple Iphone was innovative. Cell phones, running with Android, will be the fastest, most innovating of their time. Google’s press release said that over three billion people carry a cell phone. However, the lack of a collaborative effort has made it a challenge for developers, wireless operators and handset manufacturers to respond as quickly as possible to the ever-changing needs of savvy mobile consumers. Through Android, developers, wireless operators and handset manufacturers will be better positioned to bring to market innovative new products faster and at a much lower cost. The end result will be an unprecedented mobile platform that will enable wireless operators and manufacturers to give their customers better, more personal and more flexible mobile experiences.

Why will this be successful?

Besides name recognition, Google is doing something never done before. How you benefit is that with this program, you more than likely will not have to buy a new phone. It can be put on existing phones. It's supposed to take what the iphone did in terms of web surfing and speed and take it even further. Most of the phones now suck when it comes to the Internet. The Iphone made it much better, android is supposed to be even faster, although u will have to run thru Google to get anywhere.

So why did Google not release a Gphone?

According to Google’s Director of Mobile Platforms Andy Rubin this is a more ambitious move. We see Android as an important part of our strategy of furthering Google's goal of providing access to information to users wherever they are,” he said. “We recognize that many among the multitude of mobile users around the world do not and may never have an Android-based phone. Our goals must be independent of device or even platform. For this reason, Android will complement, but not replace, our longstanding mobile strategy of developing useful and compelling mobile services and driving adoption of these products through partnerships with handset manufacturers and mobile operators around the world.”

I personally think this is an awesome move for Google. The cell phone market is over crowded as it is. This gives Google the opportunity to be a key player on every cell phone. Also, imagine the increase in ad revenue as we now can market straight to the phone. Imagine the benefits for us as the consumer-faster service, tailored regional ads, Google maps and locations devices, cheaper service, etc.

Goodbye Iphone! Hello Google Android! Now something I can afford that I can benefit from on the phone I want to use!


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