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iPhone by Apple has created a furore in the world mobile market. The brand which was till now synonymous with world class laptops, the iPod and other electronic gadgets has now stepped into the ever growing and competitive mobile phone market. Every announcement by Apple is waited for with bated breath and the announcement of Apple iPhone generated the same reaction and anticipation from the mobile enthusiasts the world over.

The release of Apple iPhone was hugely welcomed. Its success was almost guaranteed and when the promised got developed it reflected in the millions of sales that the phone marked in its introductory phase itself. Success breeds clones and the same holds true for the iPhone. miniOne by Meizu is one such handset that looks almost similar to the phone in question. Even the manufacturers themselves might have to strain really hard to spot the differences, if any, between these two handsets. One conspicuous difference—the 16 GB memory which is double of what the iPhone has to offer.

IP200 is another contender in the race. In looks, it is similar, but some differences in terms of features and applications are definitely there. One major difference however is the added keypad, as the touchscreen in the phone is optional.

The other iPhone clones already pervading or soon to be released includes the likes of Teclast T59, LG Prada KE850, ASUS Aura and iSoftPhone. Creating clones is a different matter, but being able to elicit the same response and success is not too easy a task. Apple has a brand name, its products are highly anticipated in the world market and are accepted with open arms even before the initial reviews begin to pour in. The clones might emulate the design, the features and specifications, but the brand value is something exclusive to the Apple.

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