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A very important feature of the Nokia E65 is its in-built Wi-Fi facility. There is a facility in it to search of network manually or get the phone search for you. Once network is found and connected, Voice over IP (VoIP) calls and Web browsing are a couple of button presses away. But please do not get confused with the Bluetooth and the WiFi feature, they are totally different.

Nokia E65, a product of Finnish mobile giant Nokia, according to the company is a product built on mobilizing the Internet to transform mobile communication. It is a mobile set equipped with navigation tool and a mobile television. The slider phone Nokia E65, with easy to open and close mechanism, has a neat, easy, well-spaced keys with a ridge across the middle, which facilitates the users to dial and text accurately and in simple manner. All features that has been added in the phone reinforces Nokia's commitment to lead the next phase of mobility. The product is a line up of devices and services that harness Internet connectivity and its ever increasing domain. The Nokia E65, perhaps will begin to transform people's perception the way they use mobility in their professional and personal lives.

The Nokia E65 is believed to be a set that will transform the way we take a mobile phone. Definitely, the transformation will casts its effect in the personal and personal lives. And for the Nokia E65 users will become part of this new connected life. The stylish Nokia E65 slider is an all inclusive business device with high definition advanced technologies, such as HSDPA and integrated GPS. It has a feature rich embedded tools from 3G and Wlan technologies, to the flexible S60 software platform; that altogether enhances the way people experience work in a mobile world. The devices also feature high-quality cameras.Though it looks very traditional, like any other usual mobile set; the profile of the features with which it is equipped, at the end makes it all the difference. Nokia E65 is promoted squarely for the high-end users - particularly serious business users, in order to build semblance to their demand and the nature of work they do.

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