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What's New in the Nokia 8800? Discover here what is new in the Nokia 8800 phone. The Nokia 8800 is created for your ultimate pleasure, its ultimate look and seamless functions will definitely leave a lasting impression on you and on your taste.

Every aspect of the phone has been meticulously considered and precisely evaluated before it came to the world. It comes from laser-cut curves of its steel-clad body to the state-of-the-art slide mechanism and fine-pitched screen with reinforced glass - this phone is piece of masterpiece.

Let the exquisitely composed ringing tones evoke your innermost emotions. Yes, the Nokia 8800 has all this elements packed in it.

It has many features that has been packed in the phone. Its operating frequency, display and user interface, imaging, messaging, memory, connectivity, voice features, browsing, data transfer, Java applications, and other services are the best in its category.

Coming to the key features of the phone, it has a durable stainless steel cover, fine-pitched screen protected by scratch-resistant glass window, an integrated SVGA camera, active TFT display with 256K colors ( 208 x 208 pixels ), 3D image engine for enhanced graphics, video recording and streaming, digital music player and device-to-device synchronization.

Getting into the operating frequency of the phone, it is a tri-band operation GSM 900/1800/1900 network set. It has a dimension of weight: 134 g, length: 107 mm, width (max): 45 mm, thickness (max): 15.0 - 16.5 mm and volume of 67 cc.

Display and User Interface of the phone comes in the high-resolution TFT display with 256K colors, 208 x 208 pixel resolution. In the messaging part of the phone it supports SMTP, POP3, and IMAP4 protocols. And there is predictive text input that support for all major languages for Europe, Africa, Asia-Pacific, and the Americas. Moreover, it has an instant messaging and presence-enhanced contacts.

Nokia 8800

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