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by: Jennifer Kershaw

I’m using Windows Vista and Internet Explorer 7, but why the fudge can’t I delete Objects in the Objects folder that I downloaded? Funny, because if you use Windows XP and Internet Explorer 7 you’ll have no problem deleting them following these steps:

Tools>Internet Options, /General tab, in “Browsing history" section /Settings (b), /View objects (b) and there are all the happy objects you’ve downloaded. Next Right /an object>Delete and it deletes, or select and object & File>Delete and it deletes.

Try that on ANY Windows Vista Operating System with Internet Explorer 7 and for a Right /on any Object you get only “Properties." That’s right folks you don’t get a delete in that. Oh, wait there’s more! Selecting the object and File>Delete doesn’t delete it either!

What did the Microsoft Technician say? He said he got the same thing as I did and will submit that to the developers and upper management to get it fixed. Now if you all call and email Microsoft Support then that fix will hopefully become a higher priority.

In the meantime, does anybody have a fix like delete the Objects folder and replacing with an empty folder that has the same name? I asked the technician to do that, but like me he wasn’t cool with that idea. So sure your downloading objects you don’t mind keep until there’s a fix with Windows Vista and ie7.

What do you think? Has anybody heard of an update or any success? View www.videotrainingpro.com for training videos on Microsoft Office Products


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