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By Randall Dean

In this article, I will share two more time-saving keystroke combinations for PC-users. Both of these utilize the "Windows" key on most standard PC keyboards (the key looks like the Microsoft Windows logo). Both allow to save time/increase productivity: one with finding programs, files, and documents, and the other with jumping between different programs.

"Windows"+D Keystroke Combo

The first keystroke combination is to hit both the "Windows" key and the "D" key simultaneously. Windows+D is a pretty useful little keystroke combo because it allows you to immediately minimize any program that is currently being worked on or has been selected. Thus, if you are in an active program – let’s say you are toggling between an Excel spreadsheet and Word document, sharing data back and forth – then you can use the Windows+D combo to very quickly minimize whichever program you're working in so you can transfer data from the spreadsheet to the Word document or vice versa without having to "mouse over" to hit the minimize button. It allows for quick minimization of any open window/program that you have currently selected.

Windows+E Keystroke Combo

What the “Windows+E” keystroke combination does is automatically launch your Windows Explorer program (not Internet Explorer) from wherever you are in your PC. Hit the "Windows" key and "E" key in simultaneous combination. Windows Explorer will launch and give you the opportunity to search for files, folders, and documents within Windows Explorer – a very handy technique for any situation where you might need to locate a file or a program on your hard drive, share drive, or any affiliated drives.

Utilize these handy keystroke combinations using the “Windows” key and enjoy your saved time and increased productivity!

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