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by: Nishan Kumaraperu

Over the past few years, I have been very interested in new technology and the future advancements it may bring to business owners & their industries. The most surprising project I have come across is from a technology group located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This ‘technology think-tank’ group, known as Fireseed, collaborating with other techs in the Wisconsin area, plans to build a Supercomputer. In fact, this Supercomputer will be one of the top 500 in the world. Its conceptual name is the FS3 Obsidian, which sounds rather cool.

The FS3 Obsidian project will offer the business industries much, in terms of being able to do research involving complicated mathematical computations and simulations that can not be done by conventional means. What that means to us is faster, safer, newer, and better technology to be used for such things as important medical breakthroughs, nuclear physics, or even film studios. Who wouldn’t want to see a faster cure for cancer or the ultimate connection speed for internet use?

The neat thing is that this Supercomputer will use GPUs, which to those of us who are not tech savy, are graphics cards. This allows the Supercomputer to become much more powerful for a fraction of the price. Conventional computers all use CPUs. Think about the power of your home computer times a thousand. That’s the processing power of just one of these cards!

The premise of the FS3 Obsidian project is that the power of the Supercomputer will be available not only to businesses, for the obvious advantages, but also to University students who want to excel in the direction where new technology is going. They will be trained and educated in the use and benefits of the Supercomputer.

The FS3 project resulted from discussions about needed high performance computing resources among tech community members in Wisconsin, primarily the Milwaukee area. One of the main projects which require the supercomputer resources is a nuclear fusion reactor simulator project being worked on by a Milwaukee member of the Fireseed group.

The project’s short term goal is to finalize the hardware design of the streaming supercomputer, assemble it and develop the programming needed to use the FS3 for its initial computational work. That work is targeted to be completed within twelve months of receiving project funding. The FS3 Obsidian project will be managed by a non-profit organization.

I, along with numerous other I.T. professionals know what tremendous potential a Supercomputer of this magnitude can do to usher businesses into the next era in future technology. If important research can be done in 3 days versus 60 days, think of the advantages this Supercomputer could bring to fields like the medical community. I, for one cannot wait to see the end results.

Some of the companies working towards this goal are Fireseed: http://fireseedgroup.net/, Mydigitechnician: http://mydigitechnician.com, & Elite IT: http://www.eliteitpc.com - you can find additional resources at these sites.


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