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“The difference between men and boys is the price of their toys”.
Seems Nokia has taken inspiration from the above phrase and endeavored to come up with a set which is specially meant for office-going, high-flying corporate executives. Power packed with multifunctional utilities to give professionals a competitive edge this handset is nothing but a ‘must have’ for any globe trotter. With a Tom Tom Navigator Six, the package gives a new definition to complete mobile solutions. Swift navigation and a high definition display make this mobile a user-friendly gizmo.

Nokia E61 is unbelievably slim yet stuffed with many incredible features. A cinch which can be used with either hand, the handset has a four-way joystick facilitating easier navigation. The wide 16 million color screen makes mobile e-mail facility powerful than ever before.

Optimized to offer advanced mobile email performance, with the facility for full attachment handling and editing functions with spreadsheets, documents, presentations, ZIP manager and PDF viewer, Nokia E61 has all, which is possible in it.

Nokia E61 mobile phone provides flawless and encrypted mobile connectivity with supporting multiple mobile email clients like GoodLink, Nokia Business Center, BlackBerry Connect, Seven Mobile Mail and Visto Mobile. The Nokia E61 facilitates sending and receiving emails, even when you are making a call.

Terminal management security with advance device management facility ensures that documentation exchange is hassle-free and secured. Enhanced voice features take care of exceptional sound quality and ensure talking on this device a pleasure.

Nokia E61 Tom Tom is also available on Nokia contract phone deals to facilitate maximum usage at minimum of cost. You can find Nokia E61 contract phone deals on almost all mobile shops.

As said before, this handset is for a specific purpose and for a specific audience. Positioned as a ‘Smart Phone’, with this handset Nokia has once again raised to the expectations of its fans.

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