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By: Manu Geol

You have complete control over the programs that startup when you turn on your computer. Removing unwanted programs from startup will boost the startup speed.

This is how to check what programs are running on startup and removing unwanted ones: (It is very easy)

1) Click Start

2) Click Run

3) Type msconfig

4) Wait for a window to popup.

5) Click on Startup tab

6) Un tick the boxes next to the items you do not want to load on startup. Please make sure you know what you are doing. If something is not familiar with you do not untick it. Certain programs need to start on startup for windows to function properly.
Untick what you are sure you do not want. Example: MSN messenger.

7) Once done hit OK.

When you install new programs like Nero Scout for example, which is a backup utility. This software automatically loads itself on startup. When this happens follow the steps above to untick it. I also had same experience with Trillian (a messenger software) and many more.
What I open automatically on startup are NoAdware, Avast antivirus, and Comodo Firewall software. Those are important for security purposes.You can also remove most software from running at startup by visiting their settings. Take for example NoAdware or Avast. By opening software and going to settings, there is an option that allows you to enable or disable run at windows startup.

This technique works on all versions of windows, as long as you have start button you can do it. If not simple open the software that is running on startup. Then go to its settings to disable it on startup.

That gives your startup speed a boost.

Discover the steps to take to remove programs from starting on windows startup. How to boost your startup speed. Different methods to remove startup programs explained.

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