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by: Dougal Kay

Linux and windows differences

The two main operating systems employed by the PC owner are windows and Linux. Although they appear very similar on the face of it there are fundamental differences in the two operating systems.

A major advantage with Linux is the price, it is completely free! Windows can be very expensive.

There are enormous differences in the way that they behave at a technical level, but I suspect what you really want to know is how they differ from the perspective of an end user.

The vast majority of people will know how to use a windows operating system. This is mainly due to the fact that every PC sold usually has the Microsoft operating system installed and the mighty Microsoft has a mighty marketing budget. The Linux marketing budget is miniscule.

The main differences in operating systems:

  • Linux is open source, free under GNU, Windows is a licensed os.
  • Windows is developed by Microsoft, a single huge entity. Whereas Linux has many distributors such as red hat, mandrake etc.
  • Linux is more secure than windows in the case of virus, worms etc.
  • Linux works on both GUI & Console mode but windows only GUI.
  • Linux has multi-user, multitasking, multiprocessing, multiprogramming features.
  • Linux code is open source and as a result it has been tweaked and tweaked to perfection by millions of users doing it as a hobby.
  • Linux was developed from the UNIX operating system, Windows is a completely unique entity.
  • Windows security is password based, the Linux system is secured with access rights.
  • Windows file names aren’t case sensitive, Linux are.

  • After reading these points you may be asking yourself why everyone isn’t using the Linux system. To put it simply, the Linux system requires a lot more technical knowledge both to install it and to maintain it as an operating system. Software that is written for windows will not work on Linux and as such it is much more difficult to buy off the shelf applications.

    Microsoft’s Windows is often the best option for most people because of the required technical knowledge with Linux. It’s just good to know that there is a free alternative to Windows.

    Steven owns and runs an online computer store that sells hardware and Computer software to the UK.


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