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Router is a hardware which is used for sharing internet access through sharing networks within local area. These routers have designed with the potential to transfer signals from a single point to the multiple exact destinations. It is essential to get a router for sharing your application and internet within your LAN. While you choose a router, it is better to keep certain considerations like modems, types and the budget.

Types of Routers

Cords are used for getting connectivity. The wiring process and maintenance of cords are not easy. Routers can be classified in to two namely cable routers and wireless routers. When you use routers for sharing internet from a server to multiple client systems, it is essential to consider about the usage of cords.

Corded Routers

When the necessary cords are already placed properly with the systems, there is no need of buying wireless routers. Corded routers can offer high quality data transmission. If the cords are placed very close to each other, you can save the length of the cable as well as money. Before using the corded routers, it is essential to check the specifications. Therefore you can make sure the ability to share web access in your office or home.

Wireless Routers

As these routers do not use cords to connect system with each other to interact or share data. It is easy to get internet access for all your computers without using a single wire by using these wireless routers. You can be free from wiring problems. These types of wire-free routers have functioned with the support of radio waves. It uses aerials for transmitting signals. These kinds of routers offer high speed internet connection. These wireless routers are also known as wire-free routers.

What is the advantage of routers?

Modem is a main hardware used for getting internet access. But most of the users prefer routers in stead of modem. It has featured with an added advantage of getting access by using a single modem to all the computers. When you use modem, you have to use one modem for every single system. Suppose you have 7 systems, then you have to get 7 modems to get internet access. But when you choose router, there is no need to buy each one for all the systems in your local network.

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