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The Nokia 9500 review

The Nokia 9500 clearly is the best phone that we reviewed this year. With a huge widescreen color display and expandable memory, the 9500 can be used for movies, MP3 and gaming. It supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing seamless connectivity with other devices and networks.

This triband phone has all the features you can ask for from a phone. You can surf the web and enjoy the 11Mbps connectivity for checkingyour mails or keeping in touch with your contacts. Supporting MPEC-4 playback, the phone ensures that there is never a dull moment, letting you watch your favorite movies on

the wide screen, while you are on the move. Typing long emails on a cellphone might sound insane but the 9500 makes it look so easy with its full QWERTY keyboard. Transferring data to the phone is very quick, thanks to the USB 2.0 support; you can transfer large amounts of data to the phone in a few seconds. With almost every second phone offering imaging, the 9500 does not miss out on that. You can click images using the built-in 0.3 MP CMOS sensor! All this is packaged in a sturdy and well designed unit that signifies class and perfection. The phone also supports mobile softwares

Sony W800i review

looking for a musicphone? The W800i has to be your first choice. In fact, the W800i is one of the best multimedia phones available today. What makes the W800i so appealing is the overall package that consists of a mammoth 512 MB of memorystick Pro and high-quality ear buds.

Features include Bluetooth, infrared and USB connectivity. On the music front, the W800i offers music management software, preset equalizers and MP3, as well as AAC support. Sound quality is unmatched compared to the other phones; in fact, it comes very close to the well known MP3 players in the market.

Adding presets and applyingyourown equalizer settings ensure that you are able to fine tune the sound as peryour preference and music genre. Sporting a 2 MP sensor and a brilliant lens that uses autofocus for capturing images, the W800i clicks real nice pictures for a camera phone. All these features are well supported by the compact foot print and unnoticeable weight. The phone have some nice mobile themes.The W800i is an excellent example of optimum combination of multimedia and communication, keeping the size and design factor in focus.

Samsung D600 review

The D600 comes very close to the W800i in terms of multimedia functionality. The D600 does not come with any memory card by default but offers 90 MB of inbuilt memory and card slot for expanding memory. This slider phone has one of the best color screens compared to that of all other cellphones in the market. With a built-in media player, the D600 supports MP3, AAC playback and allows MPEG-4 video recording and playback as well. Supportfor viewing of MS office and Adobe PDF files adds a fair deal of smart phone functionality without being too bulky. The D600 brings some very fresh and interesting features to the table by providing video-out functions and direct print feature, which allow the user to make use of all the features of the phone without a PC. Imaging is also at par with the best, offering 2 MP camera and a video capture support.

The video is captured in MPEG-4 format and looks great on the high resolution color screen. The best part of the D600 is its ability to integrate so many features in a compact package, with the addition of a very attractive design. The D600 marginally loses out to the W800i with its cramped and tricky 5-way navigation key and an inferior camera.

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