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By: Courtney Tuttle

Design - The Motorola Razr v3c design gets an A+. The phone doesn't feel cheap at all, in fact it feels more sturdy than any other cell phone I've ever had. The all metal design makes the phone feel like it's going to last for a really long time. I really like the look and the coloring. It perfect for a guy, and now there is a pink version recently released by Verizon Wireless that's perfect for the ladies. A close friend of mine just got one, and the coloring is super cute for the 'girly girls'. The pink version looks slightly purple in most of the pictures I've seen online, but is actually more of a rose pink.

Camera - The Razr v3c camera is the best camera I've had so far. I've taken pictures that actually look good! This is a first for me, even though I've had two other camera cell phones. I've sent a few to some friends that were surprised that I took the pictures with my phone. That has to say something for the picture quality. I know that there are some camera phones out there with higher resolution, but I'm very much satisfied with the camera on this one.

Features - The Razr v3c has some really cool features. Here are some of the ones that stood out initially. The voice dialing feature on the phone shows that Motorola has come a long way in their voice recognition technology. You don't have to prerecord the names anymore, and it still works better than my old phone, even though I had prerecorded all the names. I actually use the feature sometimes. I never used it before because it didn't work well enough on some other phones that I had. Another feature that really sets this phone apart is it's VCAST abilities. I can watch stand up from my favorite comedians, or watch the big finish from PTI, a popular show that I love on ESPN. There are a lot more free videos to watch than I expected. I love the feature and use it habitually.

Screen - The Razr v3c screen looks so incredible! When watching videos, it actually looks like the television! It really does. I'm very much impressed with it. The screen doubles as a viewfinder for taking photos, and the lag time isn't as noticeable as it was on many of my other phones. In fact, I don't notice it at all. Normally LCD screen change drastically when viewed from different angles, but with the Razr v3c I don't notice it at all.

Audio - The Razr v3c has an internal 22 kHz speaker, and sounds great. It does sound like a smaller speaker, but that's what it is. When watching videos, there isn't any problem at all. A group of people can easily listen and hear everything comfortably.

Messaging - The itap predictive technology that Motorola uses took some getting used to for me. I had always used t9, and itap is a little different. Overall I like it though, and it's just as easy to use as t9.

Internet - This phone absolutely gets an A+++ when it comes to the internet. With new ev-do technology, this phone can browse the web much faster than any phone I've used. You can watch streaming videos that come in high quality. There is almost no wait time.

Usability - I have one complaint about this phone. The operating system is a little slow. There is a slight lag that you notice when going through the menu. It's especially noticeable when trying to respond to text messages. I would love to see Motorola update the firmware, I think that's all it would take because the phone is powerful enough to be much faster.

Overall - This phone is great. I give it an A+ overall and will probably use it for a long long time.
The Motorola Razr v3c is an excellent phone that has been released with Verizon Wireless. The screen quality is refreshing and the v3c is loaded with features.

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