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by Sandra Stammberger

In computer systems, you always seem to hear the word upgrade. And, you are always taught that upgrading your system is a good thing. However, as far as upgrading is concerned, a lot of PSP owners have found out that upgrading is not actually a good thing but it's also not a bad thing.

First of all, by upgrading your PSP firmware to the latest version, you will be able to play the latest PSP games. You have to remember that the latest PSP games require you to upgrade your firmware to a certain level in order for you to play the PSP game. Normally, these firmware upgrades are usually included in the PSP games you purchase. Although this is a good thing, a lot of people have found out that there is also a darker side of upgrading their PSP firmware to the latest version.

Not so long ago, Sony found out that PSP owners are able to play games that weren't released by their company. This was alarming as it will mean decrease in sales in a multi-million dollar industry. Besides, if you were the owner of Sony, you would want your product, particularly the PSP to only play Sony-released UMD games and UMD movies. You would really be frustrated if someone else is taking a piece of the pie that is supposed to be yours. Of course it would be all good if Sony gets a percentage of the homebrew games but the fact is they don't.

Earlier PSP firmware was able to play and read these so-called homebrew games. In fact, it can even let you play homebrew games from other large gaming console industries, such as Nintendo and Sega.

Today, a lot of people found out that their PSP 3.30 firmware version is not able to play these homebrew games that can be downloaded legally over the internet for free. This can be frustrating for most people as PSP games are indeed expensive. And, if you love old school games, you would really want to downgrade your PSP back to its original settings which was firmware version 1.50.

So, for those of you with a PSP firmware version 3.30 and still want to play homebrew games, you should try downgrading your PSP firmware version back to its original settings. However, you have to be warned that any downgrading done to the PSP firmware will increase the risk of rendering your PSP useless and just a pile of expensive junk that is expensive to repair.

It is important that you should try and get the downgrading done with a professional or with someone who is experienced in downgrading a 3.30 PSP. This will minimize the risk of breaking your expensive PSP. However, don't expect any guarantees as downgrading has its risk. You have to remember that any kind of downgrading will mean tampering with the PSP programming. If there is any mistake done during the process of downgrading, there is a high chance that your PSP will become useless.

Today, there are detailed instructions available in the internet in forums. Try finding it and you will be able to downgrade it yourself. Just remember to carefully follow the instructions in order for you to do the downgrading correctly and avoid breaking your expensive PSP.

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