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Treo 650 is going to be the successor to the popular Treo 600 with just minor improvements; this will definitely keep its faithful users and attract more curiosity.

With PDA / phone combinations, travelers can stay in touch with the office without losing productivity.
The device is beautiful and ideal for business the business environment. It’s identical in size and weight; being large enough to type comfortably while small enough to carry with convenience.

Treo 650 comes in two versions: the dual-band CDMA 800 / 1900 MHz network with CDMA2000 1xRTT high-speed data transfer and gpsOne support (Sprint PCS), or the quad-band GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz network with GPRS Class 10 and EDGE high-speed data transfer. Aside from the differing networks and high-speed transfer technologies, much of the Treo 650 is the same across version.

On the front, the 65K color screen displays information at 320 x 320 pixels; significantly sharper and higher resolution than the Treo 600’s 160 x 160 pixel screen. A QWERTY keypad is located below with minor improvements to allow effortless typing. Slightly curved for ergonomic design, the Treo 650 conforms more naturally to the placement of the hands, making emails simpler to type on the larger keys than ever before. Messaging in the dark is much easier with the improved backlight; illuminating the keypad clearly with a bright white glow. To navigate through the menu structure, a 5-way keypad is conveniently placed above.

With a more powerful processor the Treo 650 is faster than Treo 600 and compared to other devices running at similar processing, the 650 can keep up with or outperform other models due to its data storage in NAND flash, the fastest type of memory when reading, writing, and erasing large blocks.

As one of the better connected devices on the market, users can choose their most convenient method to transfer data to the Treo 650; Bluetooth, infrared, or data cable.Treo 650 can pair and synchronize with other devices within a 10 meter radius. Although somewhat restrictive, it is limited to reduce the chances of interference between its peripheral devices and those belonging to other people nearby.

The Treo 650 is not without flaws. The memory allocation issue, storing files in 512 byte chunks is on of the draw backs. Those who frequently store and update calendar entries and contacts may find their internal memory quickly depleting.However Treo 650 is a workhorse, with a fast processor capable of multitasking effortlessly. With notable productivity tools and a plethora of installable applications, the Treo 650 is sure to become a hit with business consumers.

Looking for a convergence device that gives you the best of both worlds? The Treo 650 should be on your short list. While larger and heavier than today’s feature phones, you won’t have to carry two devices so you’ll ultimately lighten your load. The phone has great looks and ergonomics, a thumb keyboard that makes real work possible and fast Internet access courtesy of Sprint’s PCS Vision service (CDMA) and EDGE service with Cingular / AT&T Wireless (GSM). We only wish the 650 had integrated WiFi or a way to add it. Its got Great display, fast performance, integrated Bluetooth, good battery life by smart phone standards. Battery is user replaceable, uses non-volatile memory so data and applications will survive a complete battery drain. Doubles as an MP3 player and portable video player. Expandable via SD cards

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