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Mini DV is one of three digital formats in which sound and picture recordings on cassette tape are done, the other two are DV CAM and DV PRO. Being a digital recording system, the Mini DV recordings have a good sound and sharp picture recording and playback quality.

Mini DV is the most widely used DV tape format of all digitally recorded cassette tapes, and the reason for its popularity is its compatibility with almost all kinds of players. The Mini DV tape can even be played on devices meant for DVPRO and DVCAM playback. This is because the tiny Mini DV tape is identical to DV CAM and DVPRO tapes in all aspects except the format in which recording is done. The Mini DV tapes are small and available in lengths of 30, 60 and 80 minutes.

The commonly used Mini DV products are cassettes, camcorders, recorders, and players. Most Mini DV recorders and players are available as two-in-one systems in the form of Mini DV decks, which may additionally have features like editing and conversion of recordings. Mini DV camcorders are compact and light, and Sony camcorders are extremely popular due to their features like MPEG movie recording and night time recording, all at a reasonable price. Panasonic's players have minimal features and meant only for playback purpose, and due to this they are a very cost effective option for those not interested in too many high tech features and buttons. JVC and Panasonic are also popular Mini DV recorder brands.

Sometimes, despite its compatibility with other devices, recordings in Mini DV format may need to be converted to either DVD or multimedia. This can be done either through automated software and hardware systems or manually. Mini DV conversion is inexpensive, and it can be done very easily by amateurs as well as professionals.

The Mini DV market is still evolving, with new products being introduced almost every day. Going through Mini DV product reviewing websites will give you an idea of the products available, their prices, features, and compatibility with other recorder/player devices. This will help you select the Mini DV device best suited to your needs and pocketbook. This will also inform you on any possible upgrading for your product, should there be need for it in future.

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