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ByIan Koch

It's not the latest rage on the Internet. Actually it has been there for a while now. I think it started with Napster. At least this web site was the most popular when it came to free music downloads. But the time changed. After a trial, Napster wasn't allowed to provide free downloads of music anymore. A whole world of music lovers - especially rockn' roll and pop-music lovers despaired - now the short era of free music is over. However, no matter how much these music lovers cried and wined they were wrong. The era of free music downloads were definitely not over yet and it will not be over, if you wanna know my opinion. I think it all is about that we were internalized to the 'fact' that art and especially popular music is not free, it can never be free which boils down to: no goddies can be free. Like a law of nature; he,he,he!

The ability to download music directly to your PC or portable device so that you can enjoy it virtually anywhere is here again. Actually it started even before the Napster verdict. While most of the services that offer this charge a small fee there are a number of free sources for online tunes that you can utilize. Many companies find that by offering samples of artists and albums without charge those same people come back later and end up paying for more.

If you are interested in finding out how to get free music downloads to your pc there are a number of ways you can go about it. Many artists and record labels will offer certain tracks on their websites for free. Many people also turn to online newsgroups and discussion forums that swap free music back and forth. There are also specialized software programs you can obtain to help you seek out tunes at no charge. Some of the methods require more PC expertise than others, but many people find that a simple search engine query can return a large number of free music downloads.

With recent news articles highlighting the legal issues surrounding online music, you might be concerned with the legality of downloading music for free. The rule of thumb to use is that if it is listed on a website owned by the artist or the record label then you are free to download and listen to the tracks without worry. It is only when you get into swapping and trading tracks that you, or others, have paid for that you will need to worry about the legal ramifications.
The ability to download music directly to your PC or portable device so that you can enjoy it virtually anywhere is here again.

Ian Koch
writes Free Music Download Reviews and Articles. If you go to 1000-free-music-downloads.com you will find more download info.

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