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Traveling through the paths of the internet can expose us to harmful exploitation. Enhancing our personal security while online is a matter of great importance, so that the result is more than stolen at the end. But what exactly is this danger we have to confront?

Hacker: a term that is greatly misunderstood. The history of hackers is connected with the appearance of the internet in our lives and the similarities between the hackers and the computer developers are more than we can imagine.

But how did hackers evolve through time? Do they keep being the invaders of the internet or have they moved on to the next step? What's their specific occupation these days? They know how the internet operates, so they also know how to break their own rules...

Hackers are taking advantage of the sensitive data that can be found in people's computer and they intrude into their lives in lunatic ways. Confidential information is going to the wrong hands, so it can even be transmitted to criminals. Frauds and blackmails are some of the possible dangers which follow the whole procedure of hacking. So, this is why measures have to be taken to prevent us from losing money, data, time.

We have to be aware of the dangers while being online and learn how to be protected. We must keep updated with news around new hacking techniques and know more about hackers' profile, as well as their methodology. All this knowledge will help us to know the ways we can be hacked and then get prepared, so as to avoid the damage. Knowledge never goes for nothing!

Article source: Information security awareness

Source: http://www.articlealley.com/article_184504_11.html

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