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By: Setzer Setzer

As computers become faster and faster, many of us fail to see that technology has been moving steadily away from the CPU and more into the video card industry. Someone looking for a gaming monster should reevaluate the budget and spend less on the CPU and look more at the RAM (Random Access Memory) and the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit). In a gaming machine, most of the processing is done by the graphic card... and not so much the CPU as one would think. But think about it.... those photo realistic graphics portrayed by most of the new games require a LOT of processing power - 90% of which is handled by the graphics card.

Choosing a new graphic card is not rocket science, but you still have to know what to look for. More video memory does not necessarily mean higher performance. One can purchase an ATI 1300 with 512 megs of ram on it or a previous generation ATI X800 with 256megs. Most people would think that the newer generation graphic card with the more memory would be faster right? Let's put it this way. Would a 2007 Ford Focus be faster than a 1999 Porche 911 even though it is newer and bigger? No, because the Porsche has a much more powerful engine. Just like the X800 has a much more powerful "Engine" than the X1300.

It is always wise to check minimum requirements on games, before proceeding to buy, to ensure that your graphic card will perform to the required specifications for an enjoyable gaming experience. Always look at the Recommended specifications as opposed the the Minimum Specifications. Minimum specifications are just that. Minimum required to make the game work. It won't necessarily be pretty to look at, but it will work. Whereas with the recommended specifications, now it may start to look pretty and smooth.

Points to consider for gaming

  • Push more towards higher end video cards to enhance your experience

  • Double check video card performance before your purchase

  • Look at previous generation cards

  • Always check the minimum requirements for the game

  • The human eye cannot see more than 60frames per second (fps) good gaming

  • "a computer is only as good as the person in front of it"

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