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By Anthony Hackett

With printer vendors today making the greater majority of their revenue on the the sale of replacement ink cartridges, many consumers are left either broke or looking for other alternatives. Sticking with the branded vendor ink can become extremely costly over time, especially when replacing a full set of inks can cost upwards of $50. Multiply that by hows many times you have to replace them per year and i guarantee you have officially increased the cost of you printer exponentially. For instance, my printer only cost me roughly $60 without taxes. A new set of inks (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) costs me $57 all together. I go through a set of inks about once a month (I print a a lot). So if my math is correct thats costing me $684 a year not including the cost of paper! That is over a 1000% increase in the cost of my initial purchase.

Luckily there is a cheaper alternative in the form of 3rd party manufacturers specializing in compatible and re-manufactured inks. These replacement inks can save you up to 80% off the price of there OEM counterparts while still providing you with quality results print after print. The average consumer can save hundreds of dollars a year going this route which is why this method has been gaining popularity year after year. In fact, these cartridges make up over 1/4 of the total number of ink cartridge replacements sold worldwide and show no signs of slowing down as consumers find reliable retailers that specialize in this market.

Unfortunately with this market comes a little bit of confusion so let me clarify the differences between compatible and re-manufactured cartridges.

Compatible cartridges -- This alternative is typically made of brand new parts manufactured to the exact OEM specifications of your specific printer giving you the greatest reliability and quality.

Re-manufactured cartridges -- Although the compatible format is more popular, you will come across this type of cartridge if your specific model is not available. The difference with this cartridge is that it has been used at least once, then the company disassembles it, cleans it out, and then replaces any worn or bad parts.

If your going through a reputable on-line dealer both types of inkjet cartridges are thoroughly tested beforehand for quality and compatibility. So make sure you do some research before you buy from any retailer on-line and look for how long they have been in business, any awards they won, and their standards for manufacturing their inks. With a little bit bit of time, effort, and research you can find a reliable manufacturer that will save you hundreds of dollars and deliver quality results.

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