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By Gavin Duncan

When it comes to problems with CD Burners things can get ugly and users most of the time gives up hope of ever completing a successful CD Burning session. PC technology can be confusing as almost anything could cause a CD Burning problem such as software conflicts, faulty hardware and bad media brand of CD-R or CD-RW discs.

So where does one start when it comes to troubleshooting a CD Burning problem?

That’s easy, start looking at the hardware, the CD Burner itself and the motherboard – this way you are making sure the key piece of the CD Burning process is actually working.

Apply the most recent firmware for the CD-Burner as this will fix any bugs that your model of drive may have, make sure to check with the CD Burner manufacture before doing so.

Make sure the CD Burner drive is recognized in the BIOS and has the manufacture model listed. Install the latest BIOS update for the PC but again make sure to check with the OEM of the PC before installing.

Software conflicts can be caused by almost anything installed onto the Operating System such as anti-virus software, screen savers, drivers among other things. It’s important the System is free of any virus’s or spy ware software as these can cause major problems for the CD Burning session.

It’s advisable to troubleshoot any software problems in ‘Safe Mode’ of the operating system as this makes no programs have loaded during start-up.

Uninstall any programs that are no longer used making sure to free up more resources. Do the usual house-keep on your PC by deleting temp internet files, cookies etc and also defrag the system. It’s important for the CD Burning process that the system has the resources to support the session.

People seem to get hung up on what would be the best brand of CD-R or CD-RW disc. This could have a conflicting answer but from experience it all depends on the model of your CD Burner. Some drives take well to using TDK when others don’t, the same with Kodak and even unbranded discs. The best advice would be to purchase a number of different branded discs and find which one works best for your drive.

If problems still do occur during the CD Burning process then contacting technical support maybe required. You could also go in-depth by using valuable resources on-line that provide amazing technical guide.

Gavin Duncan is the editor and publisher of http://www.cd-burner-help.com , a site to help people facing problems with Burning CD’s.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Gavin_Duncan

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