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By Jim Bradley

If you are looking to buy green laser pointers you are going to want to do some research to ensure that the laser pointer you are purchasing produces a solid 532nm green laser beam. The reason that research will be vital here is because there are just too many green laser pointer distributors out there on the web, and the fact is that not all of them ar 100% trustworthy.

So listen closely as we cover some major points that will help you achieve green beam success when you are trying to buy green laser pointers at a reasonable price. First and foremost, you need to determine what exactly are you looking for in your green laser. In other words, what sort of laser applications are you going to be performing? Does the green beam need to be powerful in output power? Do we need a constant on/off laser engagement switch or is a temporary push button sufficient? Are we considering distance, and if so how far will the green beam need to be visible for? So before we even start doing research on where to shop for a green laser pen, we need to really sit down and determine what is our laser going to be used for in the first place.

When you have a clear idea of what your green laser tool will be used for, then we can begin to crawl the web looking for the finest quality green laser diodes that we can purchase at a reasonable price. There is, however, something that any laser hobbyist or professional must keep in mind: Buying laser pointers cheap is not necessarily going to mean you have gotten the best laser deal. More often that not, the cheaper, lower cost laser pointers are manufactured with poor quality green laser crystals and housed in less than adequate laser casings. This can save you a few bucks, but what is the point of a few pennies saved when your laser burns out within the first two weeks and you find yourself searching the web yet again looking to buy a new green laser pointer. So if you are going to spend a little money on the device, do yourself a favor and do it correctly.

When you see a green laser module that you like and which falls within your budget, then you can really start to consider placing your order. Be sure that the laser pointer retailer you are working with has reasonably priced lasers. The market for buying green laser pointers is relatively competitive, a lot of companies are offering the same goods, so a little bit of market research can tell you very quickly which laser company is providing the best deal. No sense in buying the same 95mw green laser pointer at $300 when you can get it for $200, right?

When you have found a reliable source, be sure to take a look at the laser safety equipment they are offering as well. Green laser pointers, though electric and brilliant in their performance, can be very dangerous if used incorrectly. You must always keep the safety of others and yourself a number one priority so that the green laser beam does not cause any bodily harm to people that are present. Take your experiments seriously, and your casual laser pointing as well. It does not take too much dense green laser light to damage a persons retinas, so be careful where you point your green laser.

Finally, be sure that the green laser pointer you are going to buy has some type of warranty attached to it. Sometimes a laser will burn out prematurely, but this is ok if you are working with a top notch laser company. They will gladly replace the green laser for you, free of charge, if you have found the right retailer. So do your research, and buy green laser pointers with a good knowledge about what is out there so that you can make the best educated consumer decision and get the brightest green bang for your buck.

James has been buying green laser pointers since they were first made available to the public. He has designed various green laser accessories and written extensively in the laser light technology field. His preferred laser provider is certified ThinkLasers.com, where he personally chooses to buy green laser pointers.

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