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By Scott Powers

If you have been looking for an adapter bracket to mount your iMac, but have not been able to find one, you are not alone. Thousands of iMac users, specifically with the later 17" and 20" G5, G5 w/iSight, iMac Intel and Core 2 Duo Intel iMac, were left to figure out how to attach their computers to VESA arm mount and wall mounting systems. With these particular iMac models the stand, often referred to as the "boot", can not be easily removed. Also, I have found that many people purchased the iMac because it is portable and they like the ability to take their iMac with them when they travel. So, removing the stand is not a practical solution for them.

Not too long ago I was in the same predicament. My business is providing anti-theft security devices to schools and hospitals. If a customer wants a computer, monitor, or audio/visual device protected from being stolen or moved, they call me in and I lock it down. A recent project called for me to mount iMac computers for a client. No security features were needed, they just wanted to save work space by mounting their iMac Intel computers up and out of the way. I just assumed there was an adapter bracket out there to purchase and it wasn't until I needed to order them that I realized I was wrong! That the "simple solution" I was depending on didn't exist. Finding the necessary arm mounts and wall mount systems was easy, but attaching my customer's iMacs to the mounting systems was a whole other thing.

After extensively searching online, I concluded I would need to make my own adapter bracket. As I was researching blogs and forums I discovered that there were many people out there also looking for a solution. In discussing it with them, I got a feel for what they were looking for and created an adapter bracket to meet important requirements many of them have. The top 3 requirements are:

(1) The bracket will not require the stand to be removed from the iMac.

(2) It should be interchangeable with both 17" and 20" iMac computers.

(3) The bracket should be esthetically suitable for the iMac; simple to attach and detach.

I successfully met these requirements with the bracket I have designed. It is made from high-grade aircraft aluminum and will have a finish like that of the stand on the iMac. It will mount to both the 17" and 20" stand so there would be no need to purchase a new adapter should you change from one to the other. Attaching the adapter to the iMac is easily done in under minute, it is very user friendly and esthetically pleasing.

If you are searching for an adapter bracket to mount your iMac computer, your search is over! For more information, please visit my website.

Thank you!

Scott has been securing and mounting computer and audio/visual equipment for over 14 years. More information about the iMac mount bracket he developed can be found at his website: http://www.imacmount.com

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