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by Mike Allen

IT certifications are a great way to gain specialized training to improve resumes and advancement potential. Through certifications candidates gain an extended education in hopes that the sacrifice will open up new opportunities and doors for them in the work force. It is a way in which determination and proficiency can be demonstrated to hiring managers, and is one answer to better performance on the job.

Gaining experience before taking certification exams is becoming a hot commodity in the IT industry. Companies are specializing in creating manners in which aspiring or current IT professionals can gain that experience, and offer courses which assist in the process of exam preparation for certifications. There are many different types of training programs which are provided, such as boot camps, distance learning programs, and experience based trainings called CBT courses. I would like to touch upon CBT course and how they work.

Computer based training programs are sold in broken up sections, or they may come in an all inclusive package with separate portions, depending upon the company who is offering the training course. These parts usually included instructional video, lab simulations, and practice exams. The one thing that remains the same is that they all are meant to be downloadable or usable from a personal computer.

The first portion is instructional video. Video is a fantastic way for these companies to provide a classroom like setting. IT certification training companies will bring in a certified professional to come and cover required concepts which will be seen on certification exams. Instructors can use visual aids through the use of modules and animations to facilitate the learning experience. Through the instructional video, users will find hours of training material which can be covered at will.

Simulations are different for every company because what can be seen as a simulation varies by opinion. What I mean to say is that simulations are meant to give hands on experience, so anything that provides this can be seen as a simulation. TestOut has developed a program where users are able to gain hands on experience working with hardware and software in a simulated professional environment. Through this type of a simulation, candidates do not need to purchase more than what the package comes with, allowing for a complete learning experience to prepare for certification exams. Simulations are an excellent teaching tool, and can solidify the skills practiced through their use.

Practice exams are a common training method. CBT courses will provide practice exams for material covered in the program. This is a great thing because it allows the certification candidate to get a feel for what the tests will be like. Practice exams based around actual test concepts are a great way to prepare for certification exams.

There are many different companies who offer IT certification training programs, and each have an advantage. The best way to discover which program is right for you is to consider individual needs. What is it that you are looking for? Once you have that answer, compare prices and guarantees in making a decision. Becoming certified is a great way to improve a resume as a professional in the IT industry.

Popular certification include: MCSE, MCSA, Server+, CCNA, A+, and many more. Take your education to the next level through specialized training. Mike Allen writes about IT certification training.


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