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Ed Hardy on Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Sun Microsystems has unveiled a new Java- and Linux-based operating system and graphical interface for a variety of mobile devices, including phones.

The company believes JavaFX Mobile -- as its software system is called -- could help to reduce the costs of creating rich, mobile Internet devices.

This consists of a Java powered user interface; a suite of Java applications for PIM, audio and video playback, etc.; and a set of application frameworks, all running on top of a Linux kernel.

This OS includes support for Java ME applications and other standard Java APIs, which allows it to run a broad range of new and existing Java applications.

Sun is currently offering it to wireless carriers and consumer electronics manufacturers.

More information on this open and standards-based operating system can be found on Sun's web site.

A Scripting Language, Too

Sun has also announced JavaFX Script, a new scripting language for creative professionals. Its goal is to simplifying the process of developing interactive content for all Java-enabled devices, from phones to set tops, laptops to dashboards.

JavaFX will support all content and applications currently available across the billions of Java devices in use today.

Both JavaFX Mobile and JavaFX Script were demonstrated to 15,000 Developers at last week's JavaOne conference.

from : www.brighthand.com

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