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What Is It:

The Palm(R) Foleo(TM) Mobile Companion is intended to be used with SmartPhones to make it easier to send, receive and read e-mail including attachments. It weighs 2.5 lbs, has 10" display and can be turned on or off with the push of one button. Once a phone has been paired e-mail is
automatically downloaded and viewable. The battery life is approximately 5 hours.
Web browsing is also possible as is working with Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents by using Documents To Go(R), which has been customized for the Palm(R) Foleo(TM).

What Makes It Different:

The Palm(R) Foleo(TM) Mobile Companion runs on the Linus OS. it will work with Palm's Treo(TM) smartphones (Palm OS(R) and Windows Mobile(R) versions). Windows Mobile smartphones should work with minimal changes required and smartphones from RIM, Apple and Symbian may require an increased software change. Third-party application creators will be able to work on creating support as the synchronization architecture is open.

Pricing and Availablity:

The Palm(R) Foleo(TM) will be available for $499 (USD) with an introductory $100 rebate.

To receive notification when the Palm(R) Foleo(TM) is available go to [link url=www.palm.com/foleonotify]www.palm.com/foleonotify[/ink] and enter your e-mail address.

What You Need:

A compatible smartphone with Bluetooth, a data service plan from your service provider and possibly ISP or VPN access. A dial-up networking plan may also be required.

Just My Thoughts:

Okay, I sort of get what this gadget will do but really... if you already have a laptop and use a smartphone don't you already have a way to synchronize your e-mail between the two gadgets?

I'm not really sure what Palm had in mind with this device unless they felt that we mobile professionals worked only with our smartphones and left our laptops at home always?

You can only use it with your smartphone acting as the modem via Bluetooth unless you are in a hot spot and then it can use the wireless network. If you end up in an area with no service or spotty service (which can happen indoors) you are out of luck unless you purchase an additional dial-up plan with your service provider.

Other than weight and the fact the Foleo has a full-size keyboard, I haven't found any more detailed specs on the Foleo. It sounds like an ultra portable laptop though...

What are your views on the Foleo? Do you think it will replace laptops?

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