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New speaker system for video iPods features a built-in video display that's larger than the iPod's screen

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May 03, 2007 (Playlist) -- Altec Lansing on Tuesday announced the release of the iMV712, a new speaker system for video iPods that features a built-in video display that's larger than the iPod's screen. It costs $349.95.

The iMV712 sports an 8.5-inch LCD, three-inch neodymium speakers and a built-in, four-inch subwoofer. Altec Lansing's Stereo Field Expander technology is also built-in -- it boosts the sound field to create an immersive stereo effect for the listener.

A Universal Dock accommodates all dock connector-equipped Macs, though obviously the video screen is designed to work with video iPods. An auxiliary input lets you connect other devices; you can also input video from other sources using RCA connectors. If you want to integrate the iMV712 into a larger home entertainment system, it includes S-Video output.

The iMV712 also includes a wireless remote control that adjusts volume, treble/bass and mute functions, and can control the iPod with forward/reverse, pause, menu, play and stop controls.

Altec Lansing's Web site had not been updated as Playlist posted this article.

Reprinted with permission from Playlist, all rights reserved. See more news and reviews at Playlist Magazine.

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