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Trying to avoid hackers today is the biggest challenge one may face. The hackers are becoming smarter day by day and they try all means to hack personal information. The Internet Eraser Software is meant only to take care of these hackers. The software is built in such a way that it erases all the information immediately once you run the software program. It works something like a hacker but the only difference is that, hackers destroy you, but internet eraser software protects you!

In the modern and hectic world, where people do not have the time to go the bank to do the transactions, online banking has become popular, because it saves time and it is very convenient. This is where the hackers actually target. You might feel that websites have taken enough security measures to protect your personal information. Yes, of course they have taken all the possible efforts to protect your private information, but it is also recommended that you too take necessary precautions, because if something goes wrong it is ultimately you, who is going to face problems. So you can opt for this internet eraser software, which does exactly what you want.

This internet eraser software has a unique feature, which is called the shredder feature. The file shredder helps to shred all the unwanted files from your hard disk immediately. When you manually delete a file from the hard disk, there are lots of chances of retrieving them using different software programs available today. As the internet eraser software deletes a file using the shredder option, it is impossible to retrieve the file. This software which is preconfigured erases any information, immediately after its use, blocking all the doors for a professional hacker. It takes care of the job automatically; there is nothing that you have to do, other than just installing it.

Internet eraser software has other features like stealth mode, cookie manager that will take care of other jobs as well. In simple words it is single software which does multiple tasks. So, when there is an option which is wide open to protect your personal information then why take the risk and suffer later.

Source: www.superfeature.com

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